Sunday, September 28, 2014

Incentives and Aesthetic Experience

A.) In today's society, incentives are often times used to govern human behavior. People see incentives as a source of motivation. If someone is asked to do work with an incentive involved, the results will most likely be more positive than if an incentive was not involved. Money is an example of a popular and positive incentive, especially in today's world where the majority of things revolve around money. Money is a very easy way to get people to do things. It is also common to see parents use incentives, especially money, on their children. Parents will pay their children to take the trash out once a week and empty the dishwasher. Those things could be done without incentives but the incentive is what motivates the task to be done. Though incentives usually work in a positive way, they can also be abused depending on the circumstance.
B.) There have been many aesthetic experiences in my life. Recently, I traveled to the Bahamas with my mom and her work. They were in conferences all day so I got the opportunity to relax all alone. I was exploring Atlantis and found the public beach. I sat down in a beach chair and just watched all of the people enjoying themselves. The water was so warm and so clear and the sun was so powerful. The palm trees were so tall and skinny. It was amazing to see for the first time. It most certainly was nothing like I have ever experienced. I would do anything to be on that beach right now, but I am lucky enough to have gone.

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