Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Pet Peeves

1.) Touching My Stuff: Whether it's in my car, or in my room, or anything that belongs to me...Don't touch my stuff! I've never been good at sharing, really, but it bothers me to an extreme when people touch my things without asking. My mom, for instance, loves to move my things and put them in places where I would never think to look. I most certainly have the right to be upset when people touch  my things, they are mine! I put my belongings in certain places so I know and can remember where I last left them. If people go moving my things then I waste time looking for it.

2.) Chompers: Most people can agree with me that it is extremely obnoxious when people chomp their gum or food in general. It is unnecessary...just chew with your mouth closed. I promise chewing with your mouth closed is better in the end for everyone!

3.) Chivalry: It breaks my heart every time i see a man that doesn't hold a door open for a woman. How hard is it to be polite and grab the door for someone? Chivalry is so scarce in today's society that it could make someone's day if you hold a door open for them.

4.) Telling Me What to Do: If you're the same age as me or even younger, please don't tell me what to do. if you politely ask or suggest I do something, that is completely different. I am responsible and smart enough to make decisions on my own.

5.) Patience: There are very few people who still have patience in this world. They might say they do but the chances are that they really don't. PATIENCE PEOPLE! Especially when driving...everyone's better off having patience. People cut me off for no reason when there isn't even a car behind me. Just wait another couple of seconds and you'll have a clear shot and chances are I won't yell at you from the inside of my car.

6.) Cake Faces: It is very plain and simple, don't wear makeup that is a different shade than your skin and cake it on your entire face.

7.) One Uppers: There was a time in everyone's life where we tried to "One Up" another person. It's okay to say what you have or have accomplished but if you are purposely trying to make me feel bad about myself because you have or have done something better than me, that is just cruel. 

8.) Slow Texters/ No Repliers: If I take time out of my day to send you a text, you should automatically feel obligated to text me back. I don't mean continuing the conversation hours later, I'm talking about within 5 minutes I am expecting a reply. If you know you're not going to be with your phone either tell me or say you'll talk later. I can't even count the number of times I have sat and stared at my phone waiting for a text back.


  1. Oatis, you hit it on the head with these. I agree with all of them.

  2. I feel the same with #1. It's usually there for a purpose/reason. Don't move it!
    John Munger

  3. I completely agree with number 1. My brothers just take my stuff that is in my room sometimes without asking and it makes me so mad.

  4. #2 is my biggest pet peeve ever! I hate it so much it makes the person sound like a cow.